Since 2012, the Lord has enabled The Joshua Fund to bring a team of pastors and teachers together to minister to both Jewish and Arab followers of Jesus who serve in Gospel ministry throughout Israel and the West Bank. We have been able to bless our brothers and sisters with heart-felt encouragement and teaching from the Word of God. These annual “Preach The Word/Shepherd The Flock” gatherings have proven to be fruitful times of refreshment and encouragement.  As we gather together, we are blessed to spend time walking through the Word of God as a group, sharing our hearts, as well as enjoying times of fellowship and meaningful prayer for one another’s needs.


This website contains links to video and audio messages and we pray they provide encouragement and strength as you view them. For 2012 – 2015 the videos are available in English only, while the audio messages are available in Hebrew, Arabic and Russian. Beginning in 2016 the video and audio messages are available in English, Hebrew, Arabic and Russian. Please feel free to share these with any who you feel would be encouraged and equipped by this time in the Word.

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